TCS has been, by far, the best preschool experience our family has had. My first two children did not attend TCS, and I wish they had. The teachers provide a structured, loving and educationally rich environment that nurtures the whole child. I have total confidence that my son will be fully prepared academically, socially and emotionally for kindergarten and beyond. The quality of education cannot be beat, and I wish all children had an opportunity to learn and thrive at a preschool like TCS.
— Gretchen DeSarno, 2018
This is such a nurturing and supportive school. We are going into our third year next year, and we are so glad we have this program. The teachers are amazing. Simply amazing. Their capacity for love and caring is infinite. They handle each child perfectly.
— Vanessa Thorpe, 2015
Being in the early childhood education field myself, I was pretty picky about where I wanted to send my daughter. TCS is exemplary - they have been around for over 50 years and really “get” kids. Everything is developmentally appropriate and kids have fun while learning through Montessori-based activities. It is small, community minded, and full of teachers who are both experienced, professional AND full of kindness and love toward their little students. Their values of inclusion, empathy, and kindness are so necessary, especially in today’s world. Highly recommended.
— Nicole Noone, 2017
We have been a part of this community for the past three years, and we have absolutely loved it!  My son and daughter both started in their Pre3 class and it was an absolute godsend for our family. They have the most loving teachers and helped both kids with separation anxiety and turned them into school loving children.
— Silpa Sundram, 2015