What makes our TCS community special?

Longevity and affordability. 

Founded in 1965, TCS is one of the oldest preschools still serving Seattle. TCS has provided peerless and affordable education to thousands of families and is committed to making early education inclusive and accessible, offering flexible payment plans and scholarships as needed.

Learning informed by curricular and organizational values. 

TCS’ mission is to nurture the educational, social, emotional, and physical development of young children in a dynamic, healthy, and caring environment to prepare them for success in all future academic, social, and community endeavors. The core values of the school are to respect, support, and contribute.

TCS utilizes hands-on, arts, literacy, and Montessori-based strategies to teach all children academic, social, and life skills to help prepare well-rounded citizens, creative problem-solvers, engaged members of society, and future leaders.

Employing talented, experienced teachers.

The average tenure for a TCS teacher is more than 14 years, and the average student-to-teacher ratio (1:4) is one of the best in the city! TCS has a genuine commitment and collaborative approach to professionally develop and support its teachers inside and outside the classroom.

Supporting a long-standing and diverse community.

TCS has taught more than 2,500 children, with many families having between 1-4 of their children attend; 3-5 students a year are children of parents who themselves attended TCS as children. Our student body is 58% ethnically and racially diverse - TCS families speak a variety of languages and represent a range of faiths and lifestyles.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

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