Future's Update


Hurry up and wait seems to be the mantra... Since June, our Future's Committee has plodded along this summer; let's chalk it up to the current heat wave for slowing things down. 


August is a new month, and with it, we should start to see some movement. Our Preliminary Permit Meeting with the City of Seattle is scheduled for August 31st.


From there, we can solidify our blueprint and list of tenant improvements as well as complete the formal lease agreement with 7400 Woodlawn. We'd like to give a big shout out to both Daniel Bugbee and Jerry Buss for their expertise and legal advice.


In the meantime, TCS is looking forward to starting its 53rd year of operation. This will be our last school year the UCUCC building - our classes are full, teachers are prepared, and students and parents (in particular) are anxiously awaiting our first day of class September 5th.


We'll keep you posted of our progress and ways to be involved.


Stay cool,

~Team TCS