LunchBunch Tips

LunchBunch (LB) is one of our favorite times of the school day because we all come together to interact and socialize - the morning students return from the playground and overlap with our afternoon PreK students. It also makes for yet another teachable moment – the big kids modeling and assisting our little friends!

Empowering your children to be self-sufficient and responsible is one of our goals at TCS. We support the building’s Greening Initiative to reduce the amount of garbage generated, so compostable and non-recyclable items will go back home. 

Here are some simple LunchBunch tips to keep in mind as you pack your child’s meal:

  • Please pack lunches in a separate container (i.e., a Lunchbox or Lunchbag), not loosely in their backpack.
  • Please pack items in reusable containers or Rubbermaid when possible.
  • Please pack reusable utensils when needed. Using cloth napkins is a smart alternative.
  • Please pack a beverage in a recyclable or reusable container. Use a Thermos, water bottle, or sippy cup for water, milk, or juice.
  • PreK Drop-off is 11:15 am on the playground - NO early arrivals please! 

We appreciate the extra effort on your part; it will benefit both your children and the planet!


A book by Laurie David, The Family Dinner: Great Ways to Connect with your Kid, One Meal at a Time (2010) talks about the importance of family meals and steps for making it happen, also fun recipes and healthy choices for young eaters.

For more simple suggestions packing a lunch, check out