Important Announcement about TCS

Dear friends, alumni, and supporters of TCS, 

We want to begin by thanking you for your on-going contributions - in June, we proudly surpassed our SpringFling Campaign goal of $15K!!! This was a huge achievement for us; TCS teachers and program will directly benefit from your generous financial support.          


Today, however, we are reaching out for a different, and critical reason:


TCS has just learned that UCUCC will be terminating our lease in June 2018. Members of the congregation have made specific programmatic recommendations, and sadly, housing our school is no longer a suitable priority for the church. 


As you know, TCS has been operating in the same location for 53 years. This news concerning our building was unexpected, but it truly reflects the growth that Seattle as a whole is currently experiencing. We are optimistic that this city-wide development boom will prove to be a positive force driving the future of our highly valued school and community. 


This is where YOU, our long-standing constituents, stakeholders, and alumni, come in...


In order for us to deftly and expediently identify potential leads and contacts, we know it's imperative to reach out to our base for support.


Two areas in need of your immediate attention include Facilities and Funding:


1.     Locating prospective facilities - we've narrowed it down to 98105 and 98115 zip codes. With your help, the following are the questions to which we hope to find answers.

§  Do you know any property owners/managers/contractors/builders?

§  Are you in real estate? Do you have city/county/private development or planning contacts?

§  Do you have experience with commercial leases?

§  Are you familiar with "public benefit space" and exemptions for nonprofits?

§  Are you involved with other organizations/entities that may want to partner, share space, or combine services?


2.     Site-based research, moving, and setting up future operations is costly - We want to ensure that our model going forward is fiscally sound and sustainable.

§  Do you have development experience - fundraising, endowments, grants, or capital campaigns?

§  Are you passionate about early learning, children, community programming, and/or advocacy?

§  Are you involved with other organizations/institutions/entities that may want to partner, share resources, or combine services?       


We'd love to tap into any knowledge, connections, and/or capital you may have in helping us as we move forward to locate and secure a new and dynamic space. If you would like to be involved with the Future's Committee, or share with us your advice/expertise, we would greatly appreciate it. This is a formative and exciting opportunity to help steer the future of TCS. 


Here's to new adventures and continued learning...




TCS Board of Directors and TCS Future's Committee