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Dear TCS Supporter,

As a friend of The Children's School you may have experienced the enormous benefits
of early childhood education. The city of Seattle recently confirmed that quality preschool and prekindergarten education is a primary indicator of a child’s development and success. The Children's School has been practicing this philosophy for over fifty years, providing children with the tools and experiences necessary to lead vibrant and purposeful lives.

TCS has received TWO donations totaling $15K for a matching opportunity!

Help us DOUBLE these gifts by donating today to the TCS SpringFling Campaign.

Our teachers are the backbone and heart of TCS, individuals entrusted to guide, help, and inspire children. You may have experienced this yourself with Mrs. McArthur, Mrs. Perrin, Mrs. Friedhoff, or Mrs. Banks just to name a few. I'm proud to say that TCS still has one of the best Teacher:Student ratios in the city! We value our teachers, and are committed to providing pay raises, professional development, and greater job security. As a small non-profit, it is becoming more difficult, and much more costly, to recruit and retain qualified teachers. The rise in minimum wage and increased cost of living are just two of the obstacles that threaten TCS’s ability to maintain, and grow, our phenomenal team.

The integrity of our program rests upon the shoulders of our teachers - creating a learning environment in which children feel safe and cherished; adjusting readily to the needs of each individual child; and embracing that children learn differently and at their own pace.

Show your commitment to The Children's School and early education by donating today to the TCS SpringFling Campaign. Every dollar you contribute is tax-deductible and will be matched, helping ensure a bright future for TCS and our children.

Here’s to making a difference together,

Mary Lloyd, Ed.D.


P.S. Mark Your Calendar! TCS is participating in GiveBIG on Tuesday May 3 where your
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