Future's Committee Update

TCS Future's Update 10/19/16 - With school starting and all...we've been a bit quiet on the future's front. Here's what's going on:

Our committee has been busy; it's still scouring the northeast neighborhoods for a new home!!! We've been talking to churches, and inquiring with both existing and new commercial spaces. Still nothing solidified - so PLEASE feel free to pass along ANY potential leads (2000 to 2500 sq ft - 98105/98115 zip codes).

We're also actively soliciting PARTNERSHIPS with like-minded organizations to expand our program, applying for capital GRANTS to support our relocation, and planning FUNDRAISING efforts to further grow our reserves. 

We're hopeful that a new opportunity will soon come our way. We are ever-committed to continue working with our community's youngest learners to fulfill their human potential, and ensure their success in preparing for future academic and social endeavors.

We so value your help and support, Team TCS