TCS and the Future of Preschools in Seattle

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We feel so lucky to be one of the small preschools maintaining a voice and creating a "new" future in Seattle. 

Here's where TCS stands with its move to 7400 Woodlawn: 

  • Final Draft of LEASE (check); 
  • Building Renovation Plan (check); 
  • City of Seattle Building Permit (check); 
  • Contractor's bids (nearing completion); 
  • Capital Funding and Grant Proposal (being written for submission); and,
  • Valentine's Day Party Invitations ❤️😍 (students working them).

$2500 Year End Match

TCS is both humbled and stoked by the ongoing support of our families, present and past.

Generous donations this season (specifically, a $2500 Match) have inspired us to 'challenge' and ask those of you still wanting to make your year end charitable gift go even farther!     


Click Here to Donate Online


TCS is excited about welcoming our students and families into our school’s new home in September 2018.

Final regulations from the city permitting office are expected in a few weeks. Check out our proposed BLUEPRINT to transform the 7400 Woodlawn space into a more formal learning environment.

From all of us at TCS - Teachers and the Board - we hope your holiday season is full of peace and joy.