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The Children's School

This is such a nurturing and supportive school. We are going into our third year next year, and we are so glad we have this program. The teachers are amazing. Simply amazing. Their capacity for love and caring is infinite. They handle each child perfectly.
— Vanessa Thorpe, 2015
We have been a part of this community for the past three years, and we have absolutely loved it!  My son and daughter both started in their Pre3 class and it was an absolute godsend for our family. They have the most loving teachers and helped both kids with separation anxiety and turned them into school loving children.
— Silpa Sundram, 2015
My children have been attending TCS for 5 years, and they have been an amazing asset to our family and our children’s development. This place is incredibly nurturing, their student/teacher ratio is unheard of for a preschool, and they also have the flexibility to transfer your student, if a longer day is necessary.
— Diana Nickel, 2014
My daughter goes to TCS and it’s a hidden gem! Not too fussy or expensive, but really dedicated teachers and small classes with tons of creative projects. Great parent community too. I’m in love with this school and in awe of how much progress my daughter has made in just a year there.
— Philip Miner, 2015


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